I have been an MT evangelist for two years plus now. Last Monday I held my first ever MT style skip level meeting. I made notes and followed the recommendations carefully, and it was a major success!

* I planned it a month in advance.
* I created a deck that would take about an hour for me to present
* I shared my goals with my skips and talked about how they could contribute
* I talked about company strategy and how they fit in
* I showed them what I tell others about what they do for a living
* I revealed the results of an anonymous survey I had one of the skips conduct for me
* I had that skip act as the anonymous asker of questions that were provided to them in advance and also asked of them in real time via Instant Messenger.

The entire thing was a conference call with a meeting collaboration tool used to share the presentation from my desktop.

The Q&A was excellent and anonymous. I have no idea who wanted to ask what. I learned a lot about what is going on two levels down, and I also was able to share a lot that I was quote astonished to learn that they had no clue about.

Strange, isn't it, that if I think it and mention it in passing to two of my directs, my entire department does not magically perform telepathic osmosis to absorb my ideas and know everything.

It was a great experience and required significant preparation. I have them scheduled quarterly and cannot wait for the next one.

I think my directs now have extra incentive to communicate and deliver now that everyone above and below is on the same page as to where we are going. That is probably the most powerful outcome of all.

Can you believe what a free podcast can do for your job?


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Thanks for sharing it.

This is a classic example of doing something "simple" that has a huge impact.