BLUF: How can I help my boss, who works for an angry, demeaning boss?

Situation: my boss has been struggling to effectively communicate with her boss for over a year now. I can see her frustration when working on projects or trying to meet deadlines. After listening to the "Angry, Demeaning Boss" series, I realize that's what she's dealing with. As her direct - how can I (or should I) help her? She's unlikely to take up listening to the MT podcasts any time soon (although I've tried)!
The issue for me is my boss used to be AMAZING. Encouraging, empowering, let me take risks, etc. Now EVERYTHING has to be run by her boss. Tiny, minute questions must go up the chain first because she is hesitant to make decisions. So, it's affecting my career, too.
Any thoughts or suggestions?

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how good is your relationship with your boss?

How open and frank can you be with her?



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Hi TMLiz

The general MT rule is that you cannot manage up the chain.   You can only lead by example to the people you have influence over.  Hopefully, those above you notice your good efforts and start to adopt your practices.  Even though the economy is sucking right now, it might be time for you to start scoping out the landscape for something more appropriate for your career plans.






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Sorry to hear of the situation you're facing.  If you have a reasonably good relationship with your boss, print out the shownotes.  If you believe it would be taken professionally and without incurring risk, hand them to her and suggest she read them.

That's as far as I would go, other than to be as great a direct as I could be to her, based on the changes you've seen wrought in her.

We'll keep you and your boss in our thoughts and prayers.