Ciao Mike,

how do you handle copyright for the music you play at the beginning/end of your cast?

I mean: is it something that someonw wrote for this pourpose only or is it a 'commercial' song?


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The music we use is copyrighted by and paid a licensing fee to use it on our podcast. The fee, surprisingly, was very reasonable.


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Also check out you can find lots of audio can use in your podcasts etc



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My thoughts:

We feel very lucky with the music we chose - I still REALLY like it, and many have commented on it. Mike is a musician (he never has time anymore, but he knows music), and he found the site. He made choosing easy - he said, "here are our options"...even though we probably could have gone out and listened to hundreds...and gone crazy

There are LOTS of music sites. Just look for "podsafe"...there are hundreds of casts that highlight "free" stuff.

Let me also say that perhaps Mike and I's most important decision in all of this was thinking, "Beta" about everything. We didn't over analyze, we didn't make it difficult. Our bias is action NOW. This has over and over again proven powerful. Even if we're wrong, we learn and change.

Good luck!


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Thank you guys.

Who knows, may be I'll need it in the future! :)


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I love the theme song! When I first start listening to a 'cast in the morning I always get a little rush with that melody. It is such a great tune that has tremendous sense of appropriateness to it.

Great selection. It would also make a great alarm clock sound!