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Within the last 16 months I've been shuffled around multiple times (3x) due to structural reorgs. This has resulted in multple title changes. Most recently, I was informed I'd no longer be a people manager, because one of the programs and directs I supported was being moved to a new team. I was told this is not a demotion, but I would now be on a new team, with a Program Leader title (no directs), and that this would allow me to focus more on another large program I support. I have acheived great results in the last few years and one of the two program I currently support is a large initative for the next 2-3 years.

I'm looking for general advice on how to handle this change. Should I be worried? I wanted to continue growing as a people manager? If I'm not happy with this most recent reorg, do I or how do I inform my supervisor?

Thanks fo any guidance the group can provide.