Enjoyed the Manager Tools podcast on Multiple Jobs in One Company and Consulting Jobs resume. But, had some critical follow-up questions:

I work for a multinational public-traded holding company, which has hundreds of operating companies (subsidiaries) across the globe.

Each operating company runs itself, with its own management and employees. Some operating companies have similar businesses markets, while others are vastly different. 

Within several of these operating companies, I serve as board member, empowered official or hold an executive-level position. For some, my job title is the same but my accomplishments and responsibilities are different as each operating company has its own assortment of issues, challenges and goals. For some, my job title is specific to that company or it has changed several times through my employment.

For a few operating companies, I have a team of employees, who directly work for that operating company, that report to me and i control that departments budget. But, these employees only perform work within that operating entity. In one circumstance, I manage a group of employees that work for one operating entity, but provides enterprise-wide services.

To make matters more complicated, my job title or roles within these different operating companies has evolved and has changed over the years, based on the needs of the business. For example, I might have a role like Board Member and Tax Director from 2003-2005, then in 2006 I was only Tax Director, then 2007-2009 I was Board Member and Treasurer. Each of these relates to my field (cant narrow focus based on job application), and each add distinct value within my field.

I dont work for the public-traded parent company. Otherwise I would list that as my principle employer, and then reference the fact that i serve these different roles within the operating entities.

How does one fit all this on 1-page? Multiple companies, similar job titles, within different industries, different challenges and accomplishments, sometimes Industry-specific professional certifications or licensing (financial advisor, gaming license, tax advisor, auditor, controller, CPA, FINRA).

How should I list these. Some overlap, which makes it difficult to do reverse chronicle order. In doing so, with multiple companies, it gets confusing too. Should I group the different roles within a respective company, together? Such as show all jobs for company x, then all jobs for company y, or mix them based on dates?

Listing these different operating companies and roles separately makes it look like i have 35-years spread across 25 different jobs and companies, rather than 35-years in a specific field (finance or tax) within a single company.

It may also give a false impression of having vast industry experience, compared with industry experience within a group of operating companies owned by a holding company. Trying to find the right balance and represent myself accurately.

Some of these entities are prestigious name-recognized companies with 15b in assets, others are small unknown subsidiaries with 2b in assets. If i were to combine these roles and companies into a single generic role and company, it might misrepresent me having experience operating a 47b company, when the largest individual company was only 15b, and most were significantly less.