I just wanted to relay a success in using one of the MT tools for the first time. As part of an employee development program, I’ve been working on special assignment with a team of top performers from across the Info. Tech. organization at my company.  

 Based on our research and discussions, we came up with a somewhat “out of the box” and complex strategy to solve the problem we were given, including a recommendation for immediate steps that will result in results right away.
When preparing to present this to our advisors in senior IT leadership, I was concerned that it would get shot down because our presentation started out with a lot of logic and data (many of us are High-C…go figure).  I suggested that we “act-out” a story that shows how things work today, and we can tie descriptions of our solution and reasoning to that story.  
This was met with some resistance, first by the team, then by one of our advisors and others giving us input. In the end, we did do it because we clearly had a difficult message to deliver and those against didn’t have a better option.
The feedback we got when we presented was great.  First, we had a solid message, but the visual created at the beginning really helped the senior leaders buy into it.  What was expected to be primarily a coaching exercise will now be presented to the CIO and the rest of the IT senior leadership team for further approval and execution.
Thanks, Mark and Mike!  This is another example of how your work has helped someone be more effective in the workplace.

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Thanks for sharing your success.  

Let us know how the program goes... 

John Hack