BLUF: How do you create a proper MT resume if you've only had two jobs or you're entry level?

I apologize if this question has been asked somewhere else and I can't find it. I'm trying to put together an MT resume but have only had two real full-time positions.

Is it okay to put 8 or 9 bullet points of accomplishments for each job to fill the page? With 6 years working full-time and lots of management experience, I don't want to go back to putting my internships on my resume. On the other hand, I don't want my resume to be half a page long.

Thanks for your advice.

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Seems to me that 8-9 bullet points are overkill (and I'd have to guess that their significance as accomplishments fades a bit after the first 5... :) ).

But I understand what you're trying to do, so here are a couple of suggestions:

[list]Since you've been out of school for only 6 years, any significant accomplishments in school may still be considered relevant. Elected offices, honor societies, significant employment while also in school (I think Mark spoke to the value of showing that last one).

For each of the two jobs you've held since leaving school, look again at your descriptions of the duties. You can afford to make the descriptions just a little bit "fuller" - maybe adding one sentence - as long as you're not getting fluffy.[/list:u]
But remember this: ultimately what counts is the content (what you've done / how well you've done it), not the wordcount.