I had an interview and prepared using the suggestions from the MT interview series. I dressed exactly as described in the cast and had my answers prepared (but not scripted) ahead of time.

The first gentleman I spoke with did not interview the way M&M described, so my preparation did not help me with answers for his questions; but I was far more relaxed than I otherwise would have been. He even told me that despite my lack of experience in certain areas MY HIGH LEVEL OF ENERGY MORE THAN MADE UP FOR IT.


He scheduled me for an interview with the national sales manager who did conduct the interview as M&M recommend it should be done, so I think I impressed him even more than the first interviewer.

As he was ending the phone call, he mentioned that he would get back to me, but I wasn't through with him yet! I CLOSED HIM TOO!

His response? He paused, laughed, and made me an offer on the spot.

This stuff works. Period.

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Well done Evan!!!

Good on you for listening carefully, implementing well and having the guts to go for it. And now you've been rewarded.


ccleveland's picture

Congratulations, Evan!


ehyde111's picture


We listen to the podcasts. Believe they will work. But when they do, there's that little extra spark!

Best of luck!

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That's really a good news to hear.

Congrat! Good luck in your new position

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I'm sure everyone hear knew the interview series was awesome stuff. Even so, to hear of your outcome is great!


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That's great to hear, thanks for sharing and congratulations!

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[b]Practicing[/b] is the most tough thing :oops: AND

Well done Evan!

I also have my “first” professional :!: interview in Frankfurt on 21 August and this is just [b]amazing[/b] :roll: :roll: :roll: that I/WE've got these great instructions from MT at THIS period of time!

I promise to publish my achievements!

Best wishes from Germany

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Congratulations. What an awesome story. And, as M&M always say, they helped with the tools, but YOU did it. YOU deserve credit for having done the hard work and stepped up to the plate and closed that job.

I wonder if that hiring manager laughed because he's a listener too? Now that would be a great story!

asteriskrntt1's picture


As someone who is going through a job search right now and meeting TONS of people who are no where close to the M&M versions of professional, it gives me great pleasure in seeing you apply this material and succeed.

Congrats and let us know how things progress!


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Great job! Your story shows the power of closing and why you should ALWAYS close.


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Evan, great job, and best of luck in your new position.

And Michael and Mark, thank you ever so much. I got an offer yesterday for what is essentially my dream job, and I'm gonna accept it. In terms of level it's a lateral move, but in a slightly different area (general marketing, as opposed to marketing communications) that I've been trying to get in for almost two years.

I've interviewed some lately (see my previous rants and gripes about things interviewers make you do) and I'm happy to report that Mark and Mike's podcasts do miracles. I didn't get the premium interview series, just their regular info on resumes and interviews (from both sides of the fence) but they still helped.

The particularly effective notion, for me, was that of energy. I'm normally energetic, but acted more subdued in interviews because I thought it was appropriate. This time, I listened to Mark, and pumped it up. Guess what?

It worked. In her offer e-mail the hiring manager remarked upon my enthusiasm :) and said that it was a key factor.

(I also closed, and sent a thank you e-mail after the interview, so maybe that helped as well).

I can only say, effusively: thank you, Mark and Mike! and advise everyone to heed their comments and recommendations: they'll work for you too.

I now need to brush up on 'How to resign". I've got to do it quicker than I'd like, or than recommended by M&M.

Once again, thanks, guys.

And congrats, Evan!

asteriskrntt1's picture

Hey Corina

Well done. I had a similar energy problem. I was too reserved and making myself vanilla in the marketing world killed me. My energy is now way up and many of my in-interview behaviours have changed for the better.

When you are settled, I would still suggest getting the interview series. Your next move won't be lateral. Learning all this insider material ahead of time will hugely improve your chances of success down the road.

Again, congrats and please share any new successes with us.


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I also got an offer as a Market Analyst in helping my clients internationalisation. Tks M&M and all forumers!!!

Regarding, thank you note. I am sure hand written note will serve the purpose MUCH better

corinag's picture

I'm sure you are right about the note, Tony, and I know M&M prefer hand-written notes, unfortunately the hiring manager is based in Israel, and the handwritten not would have taken much longer to get there than the 3-4 days she said she needed for her decision.

Sometimes you just have to go with the lesser of two evils :-)

But I'm sure a handwritten note would have been far more impressive.

Oh, and congrats on the job! aren't Mark and Mike just fabulous?

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You can always send the handwritten note, in addition to the email.


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Well done all!

I feel great & psyched up hearing this. I can't begin to imagine how great this makes M&M feel!


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You don't have to imagine how great this makes us feel ... it make's us flippin' estatic!! How's that? ;-)

Evan, Congrats and well done! It's NOT enough to just know it, you have to practice it. Thanks for being an example of what can happen when you DO this stuff!

best regards,

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Yeah, Mike. It really works!!!

I went to three 1st-interviews. The one in Company A was 20% behaviour, 80% technical. Company B was 50:50. The one with Company C was 90% behaviour!!!

I was given an offer from C, and invited for 2nd interview with B, and will will have the result from A. Company C is an international business consulting firm, even though not the leading ones. But I am really keen on business consulting career. So I have already accepted the offer

M&M knowledge does not teach me any rocket technology, but it trains me the best way to prepare for the interview and how to present my qualification in an well-organised way.

I truely recommend the following topics:
- Resume
- Breifly drescribe yourself
- Behaviour question
- how to close
- how to write a Thank you note

Tks again M&M. I am sure MT is my best found website in 2007. I already introduced it to my friends.


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Hello everyone :D

The recruiter (she) didn’t make me an offer jet but [b]I enjoyed being interviewed :!: [/b]

With Mark’s and Mike’s preparation it is really great to understand the structure of an interview, and the motives of the asked questions.

When I was closing the interview, it was really fun to see the satisfied facial expression of her, she stated – I understood what you mean :!:

So I am very excited about the next round :D



Best wishes


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Way to go Yura! It's so exciting to hear that other people are implementing this stuff and it's working for them too. Fantastic.

jupiter's picture

Thank you Will :D :!: :!: :!:

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Well done, Corina and Evan!

Sorry this took me so long.


jupiter's picture

Hi everyone :D :D :D

[b]I have finally got MY dream job.[/b] 8)

It is a little bit similar to the experience of Mark Horstman which he had by applying for a technical job many years ago and where a recruiter stated to him that he /she had [b]saw him rather in SALES[/b]!

I applied for a job as the office manager by a real estates firm in Berlin. While the phone interview, the recruiter asked me, whether I would be interested into another position at the company. Promptly I stated my interest.

I must say I practiced daily with video and audio feedback for more than a month. I did all of the exercises suggested by Mark. So the delivering part went quite smoothly, although I was nerves. After that I had another phone conversation with the recruiter and she stated that the manager wants to see me personally (in order to look me at the eyes). [b]So this was a moment where practicing of a handshake, eyebrows and smoothly delivery paid me back again.[/b]

At the end of the day when I got the job offer and [b]it was in SALES[/b]! Indeed – the good one :!:



Yours sincerly

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Fantastic! Congratulations for a job well done!


jupiter's picture

Thanks John :!:

I always enjoy reading your comments :D :D :D

Yours sincerely

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Well done! Thrilled you have achieved your goal.


jupiter's picture

Thank you - Sir!

Yours sincerely