After a long time of listening. A bad annual review has encouraged me subscribe to MT and buy the Interview series ... 12 years sheesh!

I am Scottish in the 'tight' sense of the word and would recommend this to anyone wanting to make a mark ... or a Mike?. With the current exchange rate this is a steal.

I am glad to be making a contribution ... and I need the intel.

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You won't regret it. It's a steal at 3x the current price IMHO.

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Listen to it a second (and third) time - especially as you progress through your job search. You'll be amazed what you didn't pick up the first time through. And you'll squeeze out every last drop of value, which should please your Scots soul... :wink:


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I was just in London.... wow, are you folks making out on the dollar-pound exchange rate right now!

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I wouldn't say this is missing as it is an excellent series:!:

One episode I wish this had was an episode "[b][color=green]Making the Transition[/color][/b]"

:) What to do when preparing to leave your company

This is already covered in the How to Resign episode in the main feed

:shock: But [color=red]more importantly[/color] First things to do in your new position (e.g. moving from lower/middle management to senior management or senior management to exec) - when you move up a few steps of the corporate ladder, say by moving to a slightly smaller company for that dream opportunity then it can be a big jump.

Wouldn't mind this being a registered cast and just adding to the interview series feed

Mark/Mike prerhaps you could add the following to the feed:

1. How to handle Headhunters
2. How to Resign
3. How to handle PreEmployment Testing
4. Resume Review
5. Horstman's Wager

Thanks again for creating such a wonderful toolset.

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Buy the series. I have just gone through a recruitment process and landed the job. Jumped 2-3 levels and doubled my salary. I give credit for this to the Interviewing Series.

Some other ideas - get a copy of John Lucht's book Rites of Passage at $100K to $1M. I found it complemented the series perfectly.

Not sure where you are located, but I tossed up some some aspects and suggestions in the series as not being appropriate culturally for me here in Australia. In the end I implemented most suggestions and they worked really well. A great example was the follow up thankyou note after interview. Not something that is generally done in Australia and I nearly didn't send it. After I got the job my new boss and the recruiting agent both commented on how it made me stand out, and for them confirmed that they had made the decision.

Buy the series. It is unbelieveable value.

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[quote="iandstanley"]First things to do in your new position (e.g. moving from lower/middle management to senior management or senior management to exec) - when you move up a few steps of the corporate ladder, say by moving to a slightly smaller company for that dream opportunity then it can be a big jump.[/quote]

Check out "[url=]The First Rule for New Managers[/url]." It covers starting a new role pretty darn well.

As for handling an increase in responsibility, follow the MT advice and you'll end up with a team that can make you look good while you get your "sea legs."

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can someone please share the interview series podcasts

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They're here:

A bargain at twice the price...


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john, is there any promotion code i can use to buy this at a discounted price

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It's cheap at $150. Really.

Look at it this way: If it gets you an upgrade in job status, you get more money, right?. So if you're going from $45K to $50K, the interviewing series is giving you a 3,000% return!!!

So don't be cheap. If you think this will help you get that raise and some new challenges, $150 is nothing.

And speaking as someone who was already a very capable interviewer/resume writer/searcher, I got far better after going through the series a couple times.

And, by the by, the above math follows for everything else, too: So if you follow the casts' advice and add in a decent suit or two and some shirts, a couple books to augment the MT advice, stamps, thank you cards, a manicure before your interview, etc., you might be out a cool grand for your effort (assuming you're not remotely frugal). That's still a 500% one-year return!

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[quote]can someone please share the interview series podcasts[/quote]

[quote="ecineko"]john, is there any promotion code i can use to buy this at a discounted price[/quote]

Nobody on the forum should be "sharing" their interviewing series or promo codes with you. It's a pay service.
If you don't have the money, work it out with Mike Auzenne. He reads his e-mail, gets back to people quickly and is very reasonable.

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[quote="ecineko"]john, is there any promotion code i can use to buy this at a discounted price[/quote]
There is no active promotion. I don't know if there will be one...although I suspect future promotions will be directed at new products and services.

It is a great value. I've been a hiring manager for many years; a candidate who follows the guidelines in these casts would stand head and shoulders above his/her rivals (and easily command a salary premium far beyond the $150).

If your budget circumstances are currently tough, contact Mike Auzenne directly.


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if this helps, first interview in 12 years, aced the intro and the testing - I thought I messed up the interview big time - still got an offer. happy bunny.

Using MT will set you above other candidates.

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Well done, and better each time!


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Mike and Mark will probably be happy to know that they're creating happy bunnies...

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Happy bunnies ... yes :-)

Sharing the Interviewing Series ... :-(

As suggested, send me a note if you're "hurting". :-)

Best Regards,

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I wanted to add to the voices that have expressed their appreciation for the value of the Interview Series.

I bought it when it came out and listened to some of them, took notes, but wasn't actively looking for work so didn't take it any further.

Recently, I applied for some jobs and used the Interview Series to prepare myself for the interviews. It took time and I asked for help on the significant accomplishments. I found that identifying them and then putting them into the structure was the hardest thing for me. Although I memorised the structure - when my partner gave me test questions for me to answer I kept deviating from it. I can't emphasis enough how M&M are right when they say spend 3 weeks verbally practicing! Doing it in my head just didn't cut it!

Anyhow - to cut a long story short, I got an offer which I have accepted. *does happy dance*

Thank you so much for all the great work you both do - and to this great community for the ongoing support.

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Congrats! Victory belongs to the person in the ring...


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I've just been requested by a recruitment agent in Australia to rework my resume into a 4 page document, saying that this is a major difference between Australian recruiters and UK / US based recruiters.  I've really come to like my one page doc, but I'll do whatever DTP it takes to get a great job. 

Her recommendation was for each job to have 3 sections;

-- Job responsibilities

-- Achievements

-- Technology used ... (I'm in IT)

Has anyone else had similar feedback in Australia?  Do you know of other standards for Australian job hunting that I should know about?


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I recommend the MT Interview Series. In fact, I recommend you purchase the series before you need it.

The techniques for interview preparation and answering behavioral interview questions apply in many other forms of communication. My dealings with coworkers at my own firm improved dramatically as a direct result of what I learned in the MT Interview Series.

I also recommend the MT Resume Service. I did my level best to match the MT format resume. When I submitted my resume for review I learned just how much better my resume could be. My very next application and interview yielded a new position.

Thank you to the MT team.

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Yesterday I had a phone interview with a well-known bank. The initial screening interview was scheduled for 45 minutes with their HR Director. Only 13 minutes into the interview, the interviewer cut me off mid-answer and said, "I'm going to stop you right there are go ahead and invite you back for second-round interviews. Your communication skills alone could get you this job."

Using the recommendations in the Interview Series are responsible for such a stunning result.

Tiffany quality products at Wal-mart prices, indeed!  Thanks MT

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Well worth the investment - even if you aren't looking RIGHT now... you'll appreciate the time to listen, prepare, practice, and then listen again right before you NEED it. 

The other perspective - it helps you to prepare to conduct interviews. 

Two personal success stories:

After a phone interview three weeks ago, for an internal position that my CIO recommended me for, the CIO called me 15 minutes afterwards and said, "I don't know what you said, but they called me and said that you are PERFECT!  Thanks so much for being such a great representative for our company." 

Last year, when I closed after a face-to-face interview, the director was so excited, he wanted to walk down to HR immediately and make the offer!

Thank you Mike and Mark for such a valuable assett!