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 Stitcher is telling me the show is no longer available via their service. 

I'm just wondering if this is temporary or permanent?


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 I noticed that as well.  I think I remember Mark mentioning in a recent podcast that they weren't thrilled with the advertising on Stitcher.  I can appreciate that.  

That said I will miss the Stitcher availability - especially give how Apple has royally screwed up Podcasts and iTunes on iOS 6.




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If you liked the way podcasts worked in the Music app, this worked for me to get rid of the Podcasts app and get things back to normal:

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 I highly recommend the DownCast app for podcast management - it's feature-rich and blows the stock music app (and the Apple Podcasts app) out of the water. 

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Sorry folks, it is permanent. Stitcher's terms just aren't acceptable - the idea that they can place ANY ad around our content doesn't work for us. Call us old-fashioned, but we absolutely care about what companies might be associated with us. :-)

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Gee Mike, and I thought you guys claimed not to be any good at marketing?  Sounds like you "get it" to me!

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Darn!  Sticher was how I listened to you cast which as a long time manager love BTW. I guess a plan B is now needed. Can't say I ever noticed any ads on my sticher andriod app

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With Stitcher no longer an option (not that it matters, but I agree with the last poster, I have never even heard an ad on Stitcher for Android) what are others using to listen to the podcast on their Android device? 


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I just started using BeyondPod a week or so ago. It could have a better UI, but it's free. Right now, I'd rate it a "Meh!" But, did I mention it's free?

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I believe that it's only free for 7 days. Then it's $7. 


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I do recall some sort of vague reference about upgrades. But they'll never take me alive:-) I'm too cheap for that.

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I am now trying out KiesCast by Samsung (I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, so it was included, but I think taht you can just get it from the market). So far, it seems to have the functionality that I need and it is free. Will go with that for a few weeks and see how it is.


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 To be honest, I hardly notice that there is advertising on Stitcher. I commute 2 hours/day, and my routine is to plug my phone into my car stereo and automatically run through my queue. Since the ads are not audio, I don't even notice them. Manager and Career Tools are 2 of my favorite podcasts, and it makes me seriously consider switching podcast apps, but I'm undecided still, due to the ease of Stitcher.

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