I was wondering if there should be any deviation from the suggested closing and follow-up when interviewing for an internal job.  I am interviewing with some stakeholders who will be asked to give their opinion but will not make the final hiring decison, does this also the close?


Also, for the follow-up some of these people sit 20 feet down the hall from me. Does the Email, Phone(I would guess no!), and hand-written note follow-up get altered at all?


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Treat an internal interview with the same formality that you would an external one and always close.

As for the follow-up, you will have much more visibility into the process then an external candidate would. I think a handwriten note thanking the interviewers for their time and a repeating your desire is appropriate. Your level of follow up beyond that may differ based on your specific situation and your relationship with the hiring manager.

Good Luck - Sam