Hi all
I'm so relieved to have found MT, I'm in need of some sanity checking and support I think!
I am a newly appointed IT Programme Manager for an engineering consultancy company and I'm not sure whether I'm suffering from bedding in blues or whether my gut feel that the place is an absolute shower is correct.
I report in to a manager who has a "too difficult" pile, and I work in an IT department where people show up for work with wet hair, and whose primary response to any user question is "No, we don't allow that"
My role is a newly created one and I'm being viewed with a goodly amount of suspicion and relief in fairly equal measure. I can deal with that without too much trouble, but I feel like I'm being hamstrung by prevarication and procrastination.
I've been in the role for 4 weeks. I suspect that received wisdom will suggest that I need to give it longer.
Sorry to sound so miserable.

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How you feel is okay. We're here to help, and glad you're with us.

Work hard, be nice, tell the truth.

Start with our podcasts on one on ones, feedback, and coaching.


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Storm, welcome, happy to help get a cheery grin on your face. Be open and post - some really good folk in the forums to learn from.


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I'd love to listen to the podcasts but we're not allowed to.
Apparently streaming content hogs bandwidth. And when I mentioned traffic shaping I got a dirty look.
I tried to book some time with my manager but he keeps a paper diary so my outlook appointment was rejected as it clashed with something else he was doing. :shock:

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Home computer? iPod/other mp3 player? The files are downloadable, as well, and will play in any media player.

Good luck - it would make a world of difference for you, I think.

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Storm, I know how you feel. I call it the "black hole effect" with my boss. Requesting feedback on my suggestions or just the go-ahead nod is getting met with "I'm too busy to look at that right now." He's the one that created this position b/c he knew he needed help but now I can't get anything from him.

I'm just glad to find a place where I can get some sound advice.