Who's going to the Milwaukee Meet-Up tomorrow?

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I will be there with at least one of my colleagues (another colleague has not yet confirmed). Will you be attending connick?


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I'm 99%. I have one prior commitment I need to address, and then I'll confirm.

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I think we're looking at 7 or 8, maybe, which is a good start. I've ordered pizza and salad and sodas for 15. If you want beer, great... but that's on you.

I'll answer questions, and talk about where we're headed, etc.


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Hey! Are you all keeping all Mark's secrets? Did no-one mug him for the future cast list? No-one secretly evaluated his handshake and detected the tiniest hesitation? Did you have fun? Was Phil G. the only one there?

Enquiring minds (and jealous hearts) want to know!