Any thoughts on doing a military transition podcast?  I've been a listener for years and not only have your thoughts and ideas helped make me a successfull Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, they are helping set me up for success in the civilian world.

That being said- there are some unique challenges to getting out of the military after 20 years.  I am also learning that there is a a real effort on the part of civilian organizations to advertise for veterans, but most of my peers aren't "out there" early enough to build a good network.

Other issues could incude:

Military careers mean lots of job responsibilites for short periods of time. This makes resume's good in breadth, but lack in depth of experiences.

Those who try to transition from remote bases also face unique hurdles.

Is it OK to bring up the fact that as a retiree I don't need health isurance?

Not everyone that went to Afghanistan has PTSD.

I think a podcast on this could not only help veterans, but could also help to pull the curtain back to help civilians understand our situation.

BTW- I'm getting out next Spring but am blogging about my last year in the Navy and the transition process.