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I recently accepted an offer to join another firm at the C-suite level for their Canadian subsidiary (<1000 employees) with about 70 in the reporting structure.  I was previously Director in the same industry with around 30 people (~600 employees), but in a different line of business.  I was Director in the classic sense of a manager of managers.  It's a step up for me.  I've been practising Manager Tools and rolling out the trinity in three countries and two firms so I know how to do people management well in a middle management setting.

How should I change my modus operandi at the executive level? 

I assume I'm still doing the trinity.  I remember a few months ago the emphasis that politics is part of how executives operate.  Dealing with internal and external (outside of the company) forces is a difference between those in executive position and those in middle management.   I'm aware there is a running conversation of Manager versus Executive Tools but I'm trying to see if anyone here made a similar jump and what their experience is.  I'm a high D and high C so I'm prone to getting into the weeds to get the team past obstacles.