Hi all, 

I'm looking for some advice on whether an efficiency improvement process that my company are promoting fits into an existing methodology.

We have technology that allows train companies to automatically monitor the actions of train drivers and presents charts and tables showing how drivers compare for certain metrics; how aggressively they brake, accelerate etc. 

It is possible to achieve significant fuel savings by driving in a certain way. We believe that we can use our technology to allow train operating companies to identify the worst performing drivers (with respect to energy wasting behaviour) and target training at these individuals. 

If we imagine that driver performance is normally distributed we are trying to move people out of the lower tail and thus skew the distribution towards the top end. 

We'd like to describe the process of monitoring to identify worst performers in order to improve them within an established methodology. Does this process fit with anything people are aware of?

It seems a little like 6 Sigma apart from the fact that we already know what we're measuring and improving. It also seems a little like Statistical process control, as we are trying to keep performance within certain bounds. 

Does anyone have any advice on this?