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Any chance anyone will be at the next ATL conference early? Is the Meet-Up group planning a meeting prior to that conference? Hoping to possibly meet a few others there prior to the conference!

- Scott M.

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Anyone else going to the Atlanta conference? Or do I get one on one attention from the team?  ;)

I come in Wednesday late afternoon. Anyone else getting in early and want to grab dinner or a drink and swap war stories?


- Scott M.


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We have a couple of tables reserved in the restaurant at 7:00pm for anyone to gather -- grab dinner, a drink, coffee, etc and to socialize with peer attendees.  We hope to see you there.  We have approx 17 folks staying at the hotel so there should be others to join.

Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow evening! 



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I got the email, too! See y'all then!!!


- Scott M.