The "First Meeting New Direct" series offers a lot of great advice in my situation as a new manager for a pre-existing team, but because it's tailored for when the manager has been part of the team and the new direct is new to the team, the tactical talking points offered in the Show Notes aren't exactly on point. Are there other podcast episodes tailored for situations when the manager is new to the team?

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plus most everything else with it under the Map of the Universe | START HERE | Changing Jobs | New Job |

eg 90 Day New Job Plan - Relationships

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I agree, not much is present.

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There is not a cast squarely on point. Opportunity for the future (wink)

However there are elements from existing casts that can guide you (don't let the cast titles fool you)

  • The First Rule For New Managers
  • How To Manage a Disgruntled, Non-Promoted Direct
  • Retaining Disgruntled Staff As a New Manager
  • Jump Starting Internal Customer Relationships

Hope this helps!

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These responses were all great! I would like to add that as a new manager to new directs or an already formed team, it is all about building those relationships and trust.

Have a wonderful day! 


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Would like to give a thumbs up for covering this in a future podcast. Personally im starting a new job August 1st with an existing team of 4 directs and additional 3 new hires starting together with me. It might be a bit of an outlier in a high growth company, but I havn't seen a cast cover these kind of scenarios. 

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Right now my plan is: 

  1. Learn and understand the business, people, processes, projects etc.
  2. Start one-on-ones
  3. Help the new people
  4. Use the new people to make a detailed onboarding plan for the future hires