Quick success note. I listened to the podcast done back in 2005, The Meeting Introduction. As a side note, I do remember about 16 months ago at the Manager-Tools training I went to, we did this there as well. Dani was my trainer. 

I've had my new team now two weeks, and one new person started today. So, today was the day. I decided to purchase the licence last night, and now am able to get those show notes. Me, I worry too much I'd miss something.

I also got the notes, and listened to about 60% of the Ground Rules podcast. 

With today the day, I had doubts. I have said more and more, 'doubt' is not my friend, I don't know why do I spend so much time with her. Yet, they were persistent. Yet, Dani made it look easy.

Today, I delivered both, just as close as I remember Dani doing in that training. There were 10 people in this group. With the Ground Rules, and the Meeting Introduction, it took the full hour. A bit longer than planned, but I let it take it's course. There wasn't a single person who looked uncomfortable. I didn't get to the 'core stuff' on my agenda. Awesome, now I have something great to share in the next meeting. 

Results, and lessons learned...while I knew exactly who was on my team, some others on other teams weren't as certain. There were a few who on those other teams who really felt left out, even dissapointed I didn't include them. I feel bad, but offered to do it again. Two more things I would add to the notes. As much as I wanted to take notes, to remember what  they said, don't. Keep that eye contact. Second, right after, I went back to my desk and started writing down what I heard. The more I wrote down, the more I remembered. I think I got about 80% of what I wanted to capture. 

Thanks Dani for the example. For me, I think the license paid for itself the first day.


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Hey Mike,

Sounds like a great meeting - congrats!  My suggestion is to assign someone to take minutes so you don't miss that connection with the team.  Before I start meetings with new teams, I ask for a volunteer (there is always someone who wants to look good to you) and then advise they should rotate and sort it out among the team to share the responsibility and also to develop new skills.


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Yes that would have been good to do.

What I normally do in team meetings, last person in takes notes. It's fun, to see how the pad of paper moves to the last one in. It seems to get them there on time as well.