Being the person on our management team (42 managers/supervisors) who took the leap and suggested some improvements to the effectiveness of our monthly meetings, I now facilitate the meetings. I am, however, at the supervisory (team lead) level, and not a manager (in the titular respect).

I would be intereted to know if anyone on here has any experience with non-managerial meeting facilitators and how well they have been received. I'm a tad nervous, and worry about being perceived as too pushy when it comes to fixing responsibilities and reminding people to stay on track/ time.



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Honestly - if you run the meeting well, your organizational level is irrelevant. In my experience, most people treat the facilitator in accordance with how well he's facilitating, not based on his title.

For example, I've facilitated meetings with participants three or more levels above me. At times, in the name of the meeting objectives, I've had to push back hard when I was getting responses that weren't accurate or thoughtful enough. And I've even had to push back when the CEO started "speechifying." I did it respectfully, but firmly - and always restating the objective of the session.


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Be strong and confident. Keep the meeting on time and on track. That's the job of the facilitator. This will gain the respect of those senior managers. This may likely lead to the title for you, too. :)