When measuring youe O3 completion % are you counting O3's that would happen on weeks either you or your direct are on PTO as missed O3's?

My guess is no because on weeks either you or your directs are off are not considered "scheduled O3's" but I don't see any guideance that specifically mentions whether or not PTO for you or your direct count against your 80% goal.


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Personally, I would not include missed O3s due to PTO in my overall O3 Completion %.  PTO is there for a reason, so I wouldn't be too hard on myself (or your directs, if you're measuring their O3 Completion %) for using it on a day when an O3 is scheduled.

The Roadmap tool allows you to account for that, as well.  You can indicate which directs are out of the office during which weeks, and I don't think it will "penalize" you for not having an O3 during a week when you or your direct is on PTO.