Here is my 'bio':

I'm a early adapter of manager tools. I've been listening to the podcasts since late September last year. At first by downloading the mp3's and burning them on CD, but I got iPod for Christmas so that made things a lot easier (Thank you Santa).

I'm a happily married 30 year old husmand and father of two amazing girls, age 3 and 5. Besides that I've started my career on age 23 as a technical consultant. My background: I have a Bachelor on Computer Science. I like IT, but I am not the usual 'geek' that loves to code. I get my kicks out of getting process improvement by performance management. That's why I'm busy getting my Master on Business Process Management and I'm specializing in BPM consultancy at the moment.

So it's clear I'm not a manager, but despite that I can use a lot of wisdom of the Manager Tools podcasts in my role as a consultant, as a peer within my company and for my personal effectivity.

Mark and Michael, I love your work.

Kind regards,
Dennis Stinissen

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Thanks for the gracious note.

We love your insightful comments and participation. Let's stay together!


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In the IT space we need people that helps our customers and bosses to understand that's often a matter of process and communications more then a matter of technology!!

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Thank you guys for your comments.

I'll try to give the forum some more attention in 2007.

Happy holidays for every manager-tools listener.

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We look forward to it! The forums exist both to allow learning AND sharing.


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Here is my bio: I am an American woman with her own company in the Netherlands. My company is a webshop, it will be three years old on February 24. It is going very well. I just hired my first employee.

I discovered your program when I purchased my Ipod this past November. I absolutely love it. I want to make sure that I do not carry on the sins of past managers to my new employee. I have been in management in the States and I always considered myself to be an unusual manager, a bit creative in asking for employee feedback and supporting employee growth. I always feel that I can be better. I am learning to delegate more. My problem is that I used to do everything myself in my company, now I am learning to give up some of the control. It is so hard. If I do not master this, I will loose the one thing I worked so very hard to achieve; being my own boss.

The big ball/little ball concept is helping to relieve my delegation stress. Thank you Mark and Michael. Can you do a show just on CEO's?

The Netherlands

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Lolly, welcome to the M-T boards.

Your new employee is very lucky to have a manager that feels the way your do.

[quote="lolly"]I want to make sure that I do not carry on the sins of past managers to my new employee. [/quote]

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I'm sorry this has taken me so long. I regret my absence.

Welcome aboard! Glad you're doing well - three years is a real achievement.

But I don't understand your question about CEOs. Are you referring to your role? I wouldn't call leading a two person company a CEO role - that's for big companies. And anyway, what all those CEOs want to be is what you already are: Founder. [Mike and I aren't CEO and COO, or Chairman. We're founders, and our associates are ... Associates.]


Again, my apologies.