Hello all,

this is my "inaugural" contribution to this fantastic universe of wisdom that I've tapped into every once in a while for a couple years now.

My book suggestion is "Enterprise 2.0" by Andrew McAfee. Because of my background and interests in creativity (former musician) and collaboration (used to be on high-output consulting teams), I've followed E2.0 and used Social Media for at least five years, maybe longer, both to manage my network as well as to get work done (collaborative writing, knowledgework, ...). I've had to reach so much marketing blah-blah and fuzzy half-baked explanations that it was wonderful to read McAfee's book cover-to-cover. I'd say it's all you need to know about the subject at the time being.

I also think that Enterprise 2.0 gives poor managers an even harder time because they can no longer control how the performance of their group is seen elsewhere in the organization. We'll soon need more "Management 2.0" -- which is why another book on the subject is titled "The Art of Letting Go". What do you think?

Best regards