We've created this forum for our group of Virtual EMC attendees in the cohort beginning on May 12th, 2020. We're not in a conference room, which means no breaks to chat and network. This forum is our way to help the attendees connect in the absence of in-person connection.

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Hey Guys, 

I am Cassie Smith, I help with operational support for Manager Tools. Just popping in to say Hi! If there is anything we can do to help, just let us know!

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Hi team,

It was great to hear a snippet about everyone yesterday. I look forward to our future meetings. 

I was in a youth group meeting at church when I was 12 and looked around at my obese adult leaders and thought, "I'll never be like them!" Similarly, I had some spectacularly bad bosses that were poor managers early in my career and thought, "I'll never be like them!" Then, I graduated, got a desk job, had kids and learned why so many adults struggle with weight. And as a boss, I'm finding it harder than I imagined to be a good boss. I'm so glad MT exists to help folks like me.

For additional background, I'm self-employed with a team of 2 and just stretching my legs with the mangagement trinity. My favorite MT tool to use so far is one-on-ones, and the hardest to impliment has been feedback. 

I work in the dental industry as a consultant. I help buyers of dental practices navigate the process of purchasing their business. If my experience or industry contacts can be helpful to anyone, please don't hesitate to reach out. 


-Brian Hanks
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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It's been some time since we've been to SLC with our public conference events so I'm glad that our virtual offering allows us to meet you where you are. We have many followers in your area and have done quite a bit of work with the folks at Family Search. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself here, on our forum! - Sarah

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I was excited for a chance to go to a Manager Tools Virtual Conference and signed up within minutes of getting the invite. I had wanted to go to a Mgr Tools conference for years but to travel to Chicago or another city would require hotel and airline costs and the course cost and that was a challenge.

I am a great sales person and did well as an outside sales reprentative for an insurance company for many years. When I started my own insurance agency I found my ability to manage people was a real personal challenge. I didnt like having to repremand adults for not doing their jobs. Why wouldnt they do a good job if I was nice? 

Ive been using Manager Tools for sereral years now and Im looking to refine my one on one process over the next 5 weeks and come out on the other side a better leader and manager. 


I hope others will join in and share their journey here. 

Paul Phaneuf

Tampa Fl 

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Paul, thanks so much for being our first question asker/contributor a the session on Tuesday. It was clear you'd been a listener for some time, and we're happy to have you!

Something cool you might be interested in, ala M Conference, we are selling video of this year's event: Prevents the airline and hotel costs :) 

A great salesperson, the first to contribue at the session, are you a High I by chance? 


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We had a question about Skip Level One on Ones in our session last week. And today's podcast, Don't Do Skip Level One On Ones, provides a more complete answer for those who are interested.


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Ok, so as I'm practicing feedback with my currently 100% remote team I find it's often awkward and definitely not casual to deliver feedback.  Do any of you have any suggestions to make it less of an "event" to do the feedback outside of O3's?

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Hey Shaun, great question, bluf: do more of it. The reason it's an "event" is becuase phoning/skyping the folks on the team, for so many of us, has become unto itself an event. That is, we only do it when we either have a scheduled meeting or something urgent enough to be worth picking up the phone and disrupting their day. Mobile devices and alternate means of communication in text has only compunded this by giving us plenty of other ways to communicate without having to talk. Breaking these well understood norms of the purpose of these verbal conversations isn't something that will happen overnight. Like with anything else, the more we do it the more "normal feeling" it becomes. Think of it this way, if a close friend or family member called you up to chat would you be taken aback and feel like it was an event? Likely not, because many of us expect those informal conversations to happen. All of this is becuase of experience, you're changing the experience and expectations of verbal communications with your team members. In the meantime these tips might help:

- audio or video call them more often for non-urgent non-meetings, just to check in, get them used to talking more for non event items (eg. the morning greeting:

- when you're already on a call for something else, be it out of the blue or an actually scheduled meeting, before you end the call ask if they have time for a quick piece of feedback.

- deliver a piece of feedback in each of your O3's

- deliver your feedback at near the same time each day so that they know to/what to expect. If your team members know "if Shaun is calling after 4pm it's going to be feedback", it will cut down on the hesitancy/unexpectedness and develp a routine where 30 second phone calls are more normal at that time of day

- send a slack/text first "Hey Sam I thought of something I wanted to mention, if you've got time for Feedback give me a call", by saying in the sentence "if you've got time for Feedback" you've already given them both the heads up that it's feedback AND an out if they want want (ie. if they don't feel like receiving it they have the ability to easily ignore the message under the assumption that they were busy)

I hope those help Shaun! At the end of the day, if you want it to become normal the only way to do it is by doing MORE of it. No silver bullets in this life ;)



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Thanks Sarah!

I definitely like the idea of sending a slack/text first and also a more fixed time of day.  I think that will help as I'm working to make this a regular habit rather than an event.