Hello all,

Wanted to compare notes on Maternity Leave.

My company offers 6 weeks paid maternity leave.

The leave must be taken after short-term disability for the mother. It's six weeks for a natural birth with no complications. This is paid at 60% of wages.Some employees have banked up catastrophic sick time, which can be used during this period, and is paid at 100%.

I believe other companies pay maternity short-term disability at 100%. I'm not sure if STD can be paid differently for different conditions.

My - perhaps uninformed - viewpoint is that I'd prefer my company offer mothers 12 weeks total at 100% of wages.

This bit about six weeks at 60%; and then six weeks at 100% - my initial reaction is negative.

Is this level of Maternity Leave benefit above the norm? At norm? Below?

Thanks for any comparisions you can provide.

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U.S. federal government employees do not get "maternity leave".  We are permitted to use whatever annual leave or sick leave we have accummulated.  So in a sense we have 'paid' leave (because it's paid annual leave and paid sick leave).  But if you don't have much of either, you can ask your colleagues to transfer their leave to you out of the goodness of their hearts (leave donations) or you have to take leave without pay.