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Now here is an inspiring thing regarding intellectual property.

Marshall Goldsmith, one of the top 10 management consultants, has decided to give away his work for free. And, this from a guy who doesn't get paid for 18 months when he signs up to be your coach.

"In my older years, I have decided to "[b]give away as much as I can". [/b]My new web site features my articles, interviews, audios and even lots of free videos. Please feel free to download, copy, send and use anything from my site. Please feel free to use with anyone in your corporation. Even better, please feel free to use with your church, charity or non-profit"

This library site is being continually expanded and will eventually include free material from many other great thinkers in leadership development. It will make all of us at the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management feel great if you can benefit from any of these resources.

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Thanks for passing that along. I perused it quickly and it looks like there is a ton of great resources out there. I'll add a lot of info to my "READ" folder from this site!

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Marshall Goldsmith is an exceptionally gifted coach who has said more smart things in his life than I ever could in FIVE lives. The fact that he has opened his library makes me feel like a weasel for just doing what Mike and I are doing. He is routinely insightful and often counter-intuitive in the best of ways. He always considers the human element.

I'm going to elevate this post to the main blog... thanks guys.

If Marshall and I disagree, think twice... I may be wrong.


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jonp -

Having read a number of his articles in the last couple of days (many are quick 2-5 minute reads which is nice) I just have to say thank you again for pointing this out.

Thanks for helping add to my own effectiveness.


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G.R. - Your welcome. I too like the two-page articles for quick reads. The Athena video clips are less than 5 minutes as well, and many are practical step-by-step.