Hi chaps,

Given I have a three hour + daily commute I have started to run out  of podcasts that I haven't heard, I am now working my way through the Career Tools casts, and enjoying them immensely.  In one Career Tool cast it mentions the possibility of Mark writing a book on management.  Appreciate how busy you are guys, so this may be still in the planning stage, but just wondered if it has been published (and I have simply missed it!) or whether its still work in progress please?

Keep up the brilliant work guys - the information (which I genuinely believe has been the key component for my 5 promotions in as many years) and the humour with which it is delivered make the UK journey from Yorkshire to Cheshire daily fly by :)

Ps picked up Drucker's 'Management - Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices' from Amazon for one pence + postage - bargain of the century!!!!! 


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About 12-20 minutes depending on traffic.  I sometimes sit in my car to finish a podcast, walk with my iPhone to my ear and frequently need to split podcasts between morning and evening.

Three hours.  Holy cow.  It is fantastic that you are able to listen to the casts and thus, learn. 

I still replay casts when the issue becomes pertinent.


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You haven't missed it ... it's coming though!


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Mike, where can I signup for a signed copy?  Also, THANKYOU BOTH for MT\CT... Keep up the execellent work!


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We'll announce something around signed copies when it comes out.  Don't worry, we'll make it happen!


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Shouldn't it be available to us as an audiobook? Since we're so used to listening to the 'casts:-)

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 Personally I'm hoping for a Kindle edition.  I find I learn a lot better from reading than listening, one of the key reasons I'm a premium subscriber so as to have access to the show notes.  If there's an audiobook version of Mark's book on management, great for those who prefer to listen than read (wasn't there a cast about that?), but I'll be sticking with the paper or Kindle edition.



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Is there a target date for Mark's book?

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On July 2, 2015 the MT crew sent out a note apologizing. There were also two Vimeo videos "Why did you write the Effective Manager" and "What's the outline of the book." 

The note indicated "As soon as we have a new launch date, we'll let you know."  I also seem to recall from one of the podcasts Mark and Mike were meeting with publishers.  Stay tuned!

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I contacted MT directly and received the following as of 9/15/2015:

"The book is still in the works, though we have encountered some delays.  We are currently working with our publisher and hope to have the book out early next year."