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We have been looking to fill an assistant manager position in a computer software department for four months now. We have advertised the position on our internal and external web site along with some free job posting web sites (Google, State Web sites, Community Web Sites, etc). We have only had two people apply and neither were a good fit. The town the job is located in is a smaller city (65,000) and most people in the area visit our employment web site when looking for a job because we are the largest employer in the area. For this reason i have held off from advertising in the local paper. Also my company does not like using recruiters.

I have a fairly limited budget for "HR" related items, and I was hoping some one may have some advice. Are there any more free or low cost ideas? Is a news paper add in a near by (2 hours) city or online better?

Thank you in advance for any assistance or advice.

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I take it you've looked at the possibility of promoting from within, maybe invited internal applicants to come forward if they're interested, and don't have anyone suitable and interested? Have you considered asking your existing staff if they know of anyone outside the company who might be interested? Maybe offer a small 'finders fee'.

Do you have a network you can access, people you've met at trade shows &c who might be interested or might know of someone who is interested? Have you tried

Are there any local trade associations your company is a member of that might have a journal you can advertise in for free/not much?

If you are going to have to pay for an advert would you be better served by advertising in a trade publication rather than the local paper? Have you tried IT specific recruitment web sites? Whilst the costs maybe slightly higher than a local paper a far higher proportion of your applicants are likely to be a good fit for your requirements.


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Stephen gives you some good advice. One more piece, even if your company doesn't like recruiters, try and find out who specialises in this skill in your town, and phone them for some free advice.

You can be truthful and say my company doesn't like using recruiters, but I'm trying to convince them... can you just give me an idea of the market? If they say can fill that post no problem, then continue with the free ideas. If they say 'rarer than hens' teeth', you may have to spend your money.

If you need to convince the 'higher ups' can you show how much not having someone on the team for 6 months has affected your production? I would say you need to put some focus on this - or someone will point out that you've managed this long, you obviously don't need anyone!

If you want to post your ad here, and give me some idea of the market, I might be able to help you some more.


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[quote] 'rarer than hens' teeth'[/quote]
Now there's a new one.

bteachman - only 65,000 in the town eh? That's rough. Where I live there are 15,000 in the whole valley. So uh, yeah. I import a lot. Sell people on the company, the town, the way of life. It ain't all about money.

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I'm going to convert you all to english idioms... it's part of my strategy to take over the world HAHAHA HAHAHAHAH

*coughs* it's quite a common saying here, really.