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I need help remembering what Mark said about something in a podcast, but I can't remember which podcast.  Please help me remember which podcast.

I recently moved into a new office.  The previous occupant had a furniture arrangement where the primary desk workspace creates a "kind of physical/implied/psychological divide" between me sitting at my desk and others standing or sitting in the chairs.  I have an L-shaped desk/hutch and a round table that can seat up to 5.  I am trying to arrange the table as a "huddle" or similar area for discussing problems/solutions as a group - without the divide of my desk surface.

In a podcast (I can't remember which) Mark said something about moving into a new office and rearranging the furniture for a similar purpose.  I can remember neither the specific purpose nor the specific arrangement he recommended.  The purpose may have been related to the distraction of a computer monitor being in the line of sight.

One part I remember is the phrase: "even if your back has to be to the door" or similar. 

I have searched my downloaded show notes and am not finding it.  Since this doesn't seem like a high priority I believe it was one of the "asides" Mark often provides.

Does anyone remember anything of the sort? If so, please comment with the name or subject of the podcast.  Or, if you have other similar info that will allow me to find the cast, that will also help.

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I don't remember this, but I would love to know what he said. I'm dealing with the same sort of issue -- the desk I inherited creates a huge divide between me and anyone to stops by to talk to me. It also creates a bit of an obstacle for me to get to my own round table.

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I recall something along these lines in the early casts regarding effective work with an admin assistant. Perhaps review the show notes for that 2-3 part cast.

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Yes, thank you!  The item I was looking for was arranging the furniture so nothing is between you and the person with whom you are talking - with the result of having better connections with people because you are not distracted by items between you and her/him.  

In the podcast "Effective Executive/Efficient Assistant" there are seven sections covered in three casts.  About 8 minutes into the third cast Mike and Mark get to the fifth section which is about "Managing the Executive's Office."  Mark says, "start by cleaning your office out - everything."  

At about the nine minute mark, Mark pitch/soapsbox "pitch/soapbox" (his words) that I was trying to remember.  It is not in the show notes, so presumably not the primary purpose of the cast.

"If you can rearrange your office so your desk is not between you and the person you are talking to, do so ... even if your back is to the door."  The goal is to talk face-to-face without the distraction likely to occur because of objects on your desk.

The more important goal was the Admin's responsibility to manage the executives office.  

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I'm glad that was helpful!