Hiya everyone,

I wanted to ask your worldly advice....

I have just moved into a managing/coaching role as a teacher. The role includes coaching and mentoring individuals to improve their roles/delivery in the classroom.


I have an issue with a couple of members of staff. The staff are resistant to any of my proposals and ideas. I have to carry on supporting them and trying to be constructive and do I carry on supporting them and helping them improve???


Many thanks in advance...happy to help anyone here if and when.




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 FP,  listen to the first 90 days on the job podcast.  You might be proposing new things a bit too soon?  You must first develop the relationship with them and you must observe before you make changes.

if you are more specific on what the situation is perhaps we can help a bit more.  But coaching and mentoring is more you setting the goal of where people should be, brainstorming with them on resources and ideas to get there but letting them get there by themselves.  You guide them but you don't draw the path for them.  There are more than one path to get to the same goal.

other podcast that always help are the disc podcast.  You maybe a high I, full of new ideas, and the teachers you are coaching are high s or high c, which don't like change.  You must know how to approach it in a way that makes sense for them, and they may need longer to incorporate it.