Hello Mike and Mark,

I came upon MT a few weeks ago and read a bit. I then downloaded the podcasts and listened to them on a 5 hour car trip. You two are amazing! I wish I had these tools two years ago.

I'm trying to get a startup off the ground, and I've already made my share of mistakes, one resulting in having to fire someone. Lowering the staff by 1/3 was almost deadly. I've never had to be a manager before, and reading books about communciation theories, how I should develop my values etc. is all interesting, but had I known about one on ones, I probably could have had a pretty different outcome. Even if not, your podcast on interviewing was a gem: know WHY you're hiring someone... I know, simple in hindsight but it probably was the basic mistake we've done.

So, without further ado, I just wanted to say great job, and please keep these podcasts coming! I hope to see something geared to small business/start-up issues in the future. How does one design a team from a start of one? How does someone like me, with no management experience, run a team that's absolutely critical to survival?

Is it Monday yet?


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What a wonderful note! Mike and I started Manager Tools so people like you - managers - would have someplace and someone to teach them all the stuff that no one else does. Even "What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School" doesn't teach you this stuff.

"Is it Monday yet?" - the best compliment we've gotten in quite a while, with perfect timing, right before we kick off our second full year.

Stay with us - it's going to get better!