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I've been a hospitality manager for years, and so I knew my team's roles inside and out.  Now in a more senior role, I have managers reporting to me from different depts from where I have no expertise - maintenance/repair and business development as examples.

It's a normal situation I'm sure - it's bound to happen as I climb into senior roles.  Does anyone have advice on how to manage this transition effectively?

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Ask Questions

That's the First thing.


One on Ones with lots of questions.

Don't rush it.

When it is your 10 mins --- 

In one O3 - ask  * What is the biggest challenge in your job ?

In the next O3 ask - * What do you like most about your job ?

In the next O3 ask - * What is something about your work that you think I need to understand better ?

In the next O3 ask - * Do you have all of the resources you need to accomplish you job ?  What else do you need ?


And -- I recommend developing the Coaching Habit ....

It is all about Managing through good questions --- not about issuing advice.

Which in your situation sounds ideal.


  • Listen to this PodCast as a primer

  • Try this Book and their Website Tools, and Podcast


Good Luck