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Hello. I'm a long time subscriber, and only recent listener to the podcasts. The list of podcasts is both exciting and daunting! As I make my way through them, I'm wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on a particular topic that I'm looking for.

I run a small company; don't own it, run it. Most of my directs are managers of teams of people. I'm looking for some podcasts dealing with how to help me identify and develop expectations that my company has for managers. I'm not talking about things like O3's necessarily (getting ready to roll that out) but things that seem like common sense to most but not all of my managers...perhaps things like:
- performance based organization principles (recognize effort, reward accomplishment);

- when to use power (have one manager who leaves everything to the team members with no judicious use of power) and when not to use power (one manager constantly refers to the team she manages as "my team"...seems power trippy

- our responsibility as managers when a direct indicates they have a desired career path (one manager basically says "ok" and doesn't take it upon herself to coach that person on how to be ready for the position when it opens);

- how the performance of our directs reflects on us as much as them (occasionally I lead projects with members of my directs' teams and usually the managers of those individuals fail to prep the directs on how to participate and assume it becomes my responsibility to manage that 'part' of the managers' directs...should it?)

- Teaching the concept of "own your data" throughout the company (to me this means that if I give my boss data that was gathered by someone else, I own it and own the correctness of it even though I didn't personally gather it).

- How I can better hold these managers accountable as leaders and managers, as opposed to individual performers.

So wow! Tons of stuff that I'm struggling with. Are there any podcasts that anyone would point me to as being particularly useful on things like this?

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Let me start by saying I am just an individual contributor. I do not yet manager anyone - so take everything I say with a grain of salt. 

It sounds like your main concern is developing your directs. In the Manager Tools "Basics" section, I would suggest listening to the coaching casts. There are 2 coaching casts in the basics tab I would recommend (find them by hovering your cursor over the "Podcasts" tab at the top, then clicking on the "Manager Tools 'Basics'" link). As you work through the coaching model, I would suggest using books like the Effective Executive and People Smart as possible tools for your directs. I think that those two would help your team tremendously. Also, don't forget to recommend that they listen to Manager Tools on their own as one of the coaching tools as well. As they start to manage the MT way, they will be able to know how to more effectively use both role power as well as relationship power. 

O3's will be a great start so that they will be open to your recommendations. The bottom line is that they need to know and trust you before they will implement these improvements. If you're struggling to know how to start O3's, you may want to purchase the MT license so that you can receive the "Rolling Out the Trinity" emails. They will have strong recommendations from Mike and Mark on how to start O3's, feedback, delegation, and coaching. 

Be sure to post how things progress. I'd love to see how you end up handling the situation.






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Great suggestion; thank you.

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 If you go to the podcasts link above and click on 'All Podcasts" it will take you to a page that has a drop down menu with more podcasts with different tags. There are tags for coaching and many other subjects. This will help you find casts beyond what is in the basics section.  

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 Hi mdinges, 

there is so much great stuff in the last 9 years that you have a real problem to cover it all. I also suggest you get ahold of the trinity rollout, and let your common sense do the rest.  This gives you a framework to work in. 

A lot of you questions are around doing the right thing and I'm of the opinion the we don't need to learn that, but have an effective way to execute.

Some of my favorite castsare effective meetings, email 3 times a day, and the Corky trilogy. First two because you can propagate effective behavior through your directs to their teams around the 2 most wastefulness things in the corporate world today, and the third, Corky, because it is (intentionally I guess) an abject lesson in how to ethically practice the trilogy. 

Forums are great for impromptu advice, and lastly I suggest you listen in as close to Chronological order as you can, I know they say the casts are timeless (save MySpace) and the boys have changed over the years and you might appreciate the continuity. 

Last last advice, send your guys to the EMC & ECC I've sent 2 of my guys so far and I'm now trying to work out how I can get to one of the last MH conferences......

Good luck, Mark 

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 I forgot 'prewire', it teaches you that you should be influencing colleagues all the time. Changed my career!