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Hey everyone

the show notes for the episode "The Manager Tools® Data - One-On-Ones" cites a paper from long ago that makes the claim that 15 behaviors deliver 97% of value.

I'm looking for this paper to lay the ground work training my team and that will be the first question raised.


Long before Manager Tools, management science had pretty much concluded that there were 15 management behaviors that correlated positively with results and retention. Those 15 behaviors corresponded to 97% of a manager's ability to move the needle on results and retention.

Does anyone know what body of knowledge, articles or studies this refers to?



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I'm interested in this as well as I'm writing my Master's thesis on the Management Trinity.


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I'd love to get some more information on the studies behind this as well

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Based on the shownotes as well as Mark's book: "The Effective Manager", I'd recommend the following approach/guidance. If you are asked, state that the four critical behaviors; Getting to Know Your People, Communicate about Performance, Ask for More, Push Work Down account for roughly 75% of a manager's ability to achieve results and retention. So as an organization we will focus on the behaviors that will provide the highest return until we achieve a level of mastery.

It's not that the cited work or other 11 behaviors that make up the last 22% (of 97%) do not matter, I would simply pose that so many managers do the four core behaviors so poorly that it's not worth focusing on the other elements. Sort of like trying to improve my mile run time by improving the way I tie my shoes, there are better things to work on.


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I've heard Mark and Mike talk about the "trinity" accounting for roughly 75% of a manager's ability to achieve results and retention.  Does anyone have a link to that research or whitepaper?

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I've also been asked where this data comes from. Has anybody been able to track it down?

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I have been tasked with giving a presentation to new managers and was going to pitch heavily for the use of Manager Tools while leaning on the top four behaviors. I'd love to reference the managerial science as well.

Thank you!