Are there any plans to hold a Manager Tools Effective Manager conference in Cincinnati, Ohio? I'd like to attend a conference but travel budgets are tight right now.

Thank you, Kent Allen

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I like Cincy - hey hey, Skyline Chili, The Cincinnattian and the Bearcats!

We choose conference locations based on strength of MT audience (google analytics helps us there), airline and hotel logistics, and client relationships.  We've also been swayed by forum furor.  ;-)

Mike and I will look at Cincy and see if it makes sense.

That said, it's unlikely until LATE this year - we're booked until then.

But here's to hoping!  Some of my best days have been there.


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I will put in another plug for Cincinnati as well.  I have listened to the podcast for several years now and would love to attend one of your conferences.  I am an individual contributor so I cannot ask my employer to send me hence why I haven’t had the funds to travel to your other seminars.
On another note I want to say the MT and CT podcasts are great! I have started utilizing the feedback and one-on-ones with my co-op students and it has really improved the relationships with the co-ops as well as their work results. I refer them back to your podcasts on a regular basis for various reasons.  With my next co-op student I will start coaching and will be asking them to listen to the CT podcasts as the backbone. The students seem to love the setup and appreciate the extra communication.
As a UC alumni it is great to hear you like the Bearcats!
Thank you for these podcasts, they are a great help!  Please keep them coming!
J. Michael Stahl, P.E.

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Glad to hear you like the Bearcats. I knew there was a why I liked you. I'm an UC alum and a huge fan.

Best regards, Kent Allen