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When a Manager is out on FMLA for 90 days

- Should the Director do weekly O3's for skips ?

- Overall should the Director take a more active role managing thier Skips ?

What doyou all reccomend ?



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This is a professional development opportunity. You should make someone the Actiing Manager while the Manager is out.  Ideally there would already be a clear #2 reporting to that manager. Failing that you consult with the manager to find the best person. Or perhaps you find a Manager or Individual Contributor from another team. You being the Actiging Manager is the choice of last resort, no one gains anything and you lose time.

Once you have an Acting Manager, they take over all the Maneger's duties including O3s, and you have O3s with the Acting Manager, coaching them in their Acting role.



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This is an awesome advise, thanks and so much grateful to be part of this forum. I am learning a lot.