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This is an excellent read. It is quite daunting at first glance, but can be read easily chapter by chapter at whatever pace suits the reader. Unlike The Effective Executive which focuses more on the individual and his\her role, this book focuses a lot on the organization and its intricacies.(see post about The Effective Executive)

A great takeaway for me is that an organization's structure must closely match its strategy and goals. This clearer understanding has helped me as my unit undergoes great growth and changes while having a limited resource pool of people to select from. We therefore have to ask the same staff to do or manage differently than before.

I recommend it highly!

PS: For the Bill James fans out there, I tend to read this book like I read the historical abstract - I pick it up, go to a section and read it. There is so much stuff in there, there is always a great little tidbit that gets your interest peaked.

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I agree and fantastic post! I still have to re-read the book a few times in order to soak in the supernova of information. Another book I recommend is Management: Revised Edition which just came out recently, it's the updated book to Management and you may find some new and updated ideas in it! I am currently reading it now and will have a review up when I am done.

820 pages of dense material. Recommended dosage: Months of reading to absorb it all.

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Make sure to read the Revised Edition of this book also! Updated for 2008!

Jorrian Gelink

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I appreciate the PS comment in the original post.

I bought the book having read The Effective Executive, which is super-dense but short.

Boy did I have a struggle with this one.  It is just too much to try and read in one go.

Now I just pick it up every now and then, read a section that interests me and try to think of an application in my work.



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 I found this book a great, slow, read at your own pace book.

I wish I had highlighted passages as I read.  It has been about 3 years since finishing the book, and I think it was the best overall read in that time.   When I read it again, and I will highlight/tab pages.