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I'm a division officer in the Navy. I'm finishing up my tour as Communications Officer on a frigate and will soon become the Training Officer on a cruiser.

I do O3s with my Chief and 3 first class petty officers (directs). I've recently rolled out feedback to my team as well. I've found everything from Manager Tools to be valuable in building my skills and improving my effectiveness and that of my division.

In my next role, I'll be in charge of shipboard training. It's a rather ambiguous mandate but I see how providing Manager Tools as a resource to other officers and Chiefs would be valuable. That said, they're not my directs so I can't do a Trinity Rollout.

Have others been in a similar position? Is there an MT guide for organizational training programs? Thanks!


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The best comparison I can think of is the Managing in a Matrix Organisation podcasts:

It's a pretty tight comparison to were you are at with this posting so if you use this as a model, I can't see you going too far wrong

 The TO's position in any military organisation is always the trick of the loaves, fishes and the five thousand diners. You're either over under resourced or leaders won't release their staff to you for events.

The Professional Updates and Rule of Customer Service casts could be useful in building and leveraging your professional relationships around the boat.




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