Well I thought I'd post some news and a big thank you (yet again!) for manager-tools M&M. My manager just left our company to pursue other work with past colleagues and my company has decided NOT to replace him in his position but leave the department in the hands of the two team leaders in our group (one of which is me). He and the rest of upper management has agreed that we were handling all important matters already and so his position is no longer needed. (BTW, we are a fairly small engineer firm, ~ 60 employees, so its fairly easy to change the organization structure).

Anyway, I couldn't have been as successful in this position without manager tools and all the other information, forums and reference books that I've been leeching onto for the past few months from all of you. So thanks and I look forward to expanding and practicing even more of my management skills in a larger group.

Thanks everyone!

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Awesome! Congratulations. It's one thing to read and listen, it's a completely different thing to [i]implement[/i]. Thanks for serving as an example of what can be done when these concepts are put to use.

Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences in your new role ... keep us updated!


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Well done! Congratulations on the added responsibilities.

We're glad we played a part... but the credit always goes to the one in the ring.

Keep us posted! And as Mike A says, implement, implement, implement.