I am looking to hire a new manager into my department. I have narrowed the field of candidates and I am ready to make an offer.

What is the best way to present this offer? Should I expect or even be willing to entertain having to make a counter offer?


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Boy, I wish I could accelerate our delivery of this cast. There IS a right way... but the cast is a long one.

Some simple thoughts:

1. BE POSITIVE. I don't care how important it is to be accurate, and specific, and make sure you don't make mistakes, if you can't sound excited about the HIRING, as opposed to the offering of money for services, don't make the offer.

The primary emotions the offeree should feel from you is excitement, joy, and enthusiasm. This projects a sense that they have met a high standard, and you WANT them to come to work for you. Anything other than this sends a message that it's NOT so much about you, but rather about filling a hole in your org.

2. Thus: "Bob, I'm calling with great news - I'm going to make you an offer!"

3. Then, say some flattering things about WHY you're offering THIS PERSON. "I really liked your preparation, I think you're going to fit right in, I can see you hitting the ground running..."

4. Then, cover the details: "The offer is for (position), at a salary of (blank). There are all kinds of variations on this, but that's why the cast is so long...

5. THEN, you MUST give a deadline. "I'd like a decision by..." As a general rule, I give every candidate a weekend. If I offer on Friday, though, I don't necessarily expect an answer Monday. A week is fair, two weeks is MORE than fair. One day is not enough. That's just silly pressure.

6. There's a lot more - written offers, benefits details...but it's so company dependent.

7. Generally, I don't entertain negotiations or "counter-offers", though that term is not used to describe the situation you're describing. That's a whole 'nother post....

Hope this helps.