This new book by brothers Chip and Dan Heath has been worth the wait. I have already purchased and given at least 5 copies to friends and co-workers. I must get complex ideas across in a "crowded market" on a constant basis and their advice is usable. It got a little slow at the end, but so do most books like this.

Any book that starts out with the kidney story has to at least be good for a few laughs and insights.

I'd love to know who else has read this book and what your thoughts are...

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I just finished reading this book. I really enjoyed it. The principles mentioned in it about what makes ideas "stick" could sound like common sense, but I never had it presented to me in such a convincing and organized form.

I recommend this book for any one working on marketing for an external audience, or marketing ideas internally.. So basically, I recommend it to anyone :)

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I have to say that I'm really glad to hear your reviews. I heard an interview with one of the authors for this book on a podcast called "ad age" (highly recommend it for anyone into this area of work) and the book sounded intriguing, but I never had the guts to just go out and buy it - I kept thinking one of my friends would read it or something. Since then, I've seen it on bookshelves but never splurged on buying it.

Thanks for the input~