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Yikes, you've been this persons manager for only 45 days and you want to put him on PIP?

Ummmmm...... no.

Things to evaluate and understand first:
--Was the person given clear objectives?
--Was a business case required before spending funds? If so, who approved it?
--Were the objectives realistic?
--Was he given the resources and time to achieve the objectives?

You need to start at the beginning and ensure all of those things are done properly. Make sure the employee understands that he is expected to meet the required objectives. And then start tracking his progress (objectives should include well defined interim milestones) and provide feedback and coaching as needed.Document how things are going. Hopefully his performance will improve. If not, and he fails to make progress toward achieving the goals _then_ you can start a PIP. You pretty much have to follow the same process that Dani went through (well, hopefully with better management support!).

As for travel expenses: Protocols for requesting and approving travel are certainly reasonable, and should be managed like any other business expense -- i.e. benefit vs. cost. If there were no prior guidelines you can't really retroactively hold someone accountable for them.


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Good stuff. Thank you. Can you point me to guidance on creating T&E protocolss?

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I second "too soon". You need more info, including the way this person is perceived by the rest of your team, how you would fill the hole if you did have to get rid of this person. You risk being seen as impulsive and shooting from the hip if you are not thorough.