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Hi all,

My org has gone through significant change in the last year. We have changed ownership, changed CEO and about half of the leadership team, doubled in size, and are even changing how we are structured in some ways. I'm on the HR team leadership and have a broad idea of Change Management theories and principles, but am looking for something for the team to read that is more in-depth. In terms of content, I'm looking for something that is

1.) Relatively accessible to people without much knowledge in the area (i.e. addresses basic concepts and ramps up to more complicated ones)

2.) contains actionable guidance and not just theory and ideas (thought some theory and ideas are welcome)

3.) Is not too dense. We are reading this on a voluntary basis in a book club format and I don't want it to discourage people from participating on our first book (we may get heavier on future books if warranted). 

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!


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Hi Tim, I have relied on this book as my blueprint for three different organizational transformations.  I believe it also meets your criteria.   I highly recommend it.  Leading Change by John P. Kotter