Finalizing my management plan for my big interview tomorrow and HATE the templates within PPT 2003. Anyone have any low-key ones to share?

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"Low key" ones are easy - because there's NOTHING to them! I've often taken some of the existing templates and simply removed distracting items and unecessary accent colors. Simplicity, grasshopper...

Today's the big day for you, right? The less time and focus you spend on figuring out the template for your PowerPoint, the better. Because that just reduces the amount of time and focus you spend on the message.

The last thing they're gonna remember is your PowerPoint template - they're gonna hire you because of your experience and the quality of your thinking, and your ability to communicate.

Good luck today in the interview. And remember this from the Interviewing Series: "Energy / Energy Energy."

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I recently interviewed for a position and used nothing but a whiteboard and markers. They made the offer and told me it was the most effective candidate seminar (everyone seems to want a seminar these days!) they had ever seen. The energy and confidence that you project as you draw out your ideas visually says alot about you. Powerpoint can be useful. Powerpoint plus a whiteboard, confidence and knowledge of the material....OMG!

By the way, I politely declined the position. I want the right position and I have time. After careful consideration of the offer, this wasn't the right position.

Good luck yahtzee! You should knock them out! Don't worry about the ppt template....Mac is right.