I've been trying to work on one of my weaknesses, which is relating data to what has been going on. I can analyze data well and can talk about our current situation but have trouble reconciling the two. I've looked through the book reviews but can't seem to find anything that relates. Does anyone have a suggestion?


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Hi, I think it would be helpful if you tell us more about the context for your improvement goal. Is this just about relaying status to your boss? Perhaps this is about relationship of tasks to larger goal? What is the nature of your data, and what are some examples of a current situation (project? Incident?) or typical goings on?

My only suggestion is to do some reading about the dikw ladder or structure - data to information to knowledge to wisdom. I don't mean theory, but actual practice. My intro to this was in learning about knowledge management in ITIL. There are actionable steps for taking data, applying context and analysis, and "turning" it into info. In IT I use these models to learn from both mistake and succes to inform better decision making. And as a tool for improvement. Googling will give you an idea if this is at all helpful. Hope this is helpful in some way, jeanne