Dear MT-ers,

I was recruited into a job with the promise of promotion to manager within 1 year. It has now been over a year and I’ve had nothing but glowing feedback (which I had to ask for – my boss is yet to embrace the MT philosophy) yet the promotion has now been pushed to April for no apparent reason. My boss says she’s pushing for me but I don’t feel that or see it. She seeks the spotlight and seems reluctant to put me in front of senior or externals without her around and is quick to take over presentations or activities I’ve been asked to run. It’s not just me – I’ve noticed these behaviors with other team members and have even noticed a drop in confidence from one of the junior team members.
I would like some advice on
1) how to communicate this to her without great conflict and
            I’ve had precious few “development” meetings and whenever I’ve tried to raise even the most simple of issues she becomes very defensive. I’d like to take the direct approach but feel that if I do I’ll be compromising any chance of a promotion or professional relationship moving forward.
2) how to help the junior members of the team.
I’ve called some meetings before work for just us team members to share information about our work – discussions of the boss have been kept out of these. Do you think that’s a good idea / what else could you suggest? They seem to be working well with everyone contributing and more technical issues being solved. We’re a great team when the boss isn’t around. I want that to change.