Although I have posted a couple of times and been a devoted listener for the past year I have yet to give back. I'm now committed to becoming a more active member of the community, so here's a little about me.

- I work as an Implementation Manager for a large HR Outsourcing/Consulting company.

- I've recently moved from Atlanta, GA to Durham, NC

- I work out of the home ( as part of my recent move )

- I'm a Tarheel born and bred

- I enjoy the heck out of this stuff!!

See you around,

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Welcome, so to speak! Glad you're getting value from our work, and especially pleased that you'll be helping others here in the forums.

It's our privilege,


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Dear Charles:

Welcome to RTP. There are three or four MT'rs who attended the first MT conference in April and we got together for the first time locally last week. We plan to get together at least once a quarter. If you are interested in joining us next time, let me know.

By the way I work in the CRO/pharmaceutical industry.