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Have you ever had to loan out a direct's time to another group for a short time (4-6 weeks)? If so, how do you track goals, deliverables and progress so that you can continue to manage that person? Do you ask them to report back on what they are being asked to do? Do you ask for clear deliverables and dates from the group you are loaning resources to? A little of both?

One thing I am trying to avoid is having the group who needs help take over management of the individual. But maybe that is not appropriate and instead should just be a "cost" of receiving the newly allocated resource? But I also don't want to disrupt the development of this direct.

I searched for this topic and did not see a thread or a cast related, but if there is one please let me know.



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I think what you need is covered by the [url= Evaluations in a Matrix Environment[/url] cast. What you describe is is also SOP where I work, albeit usually longer periods.

Basically you need to talk to the manager you've loaned the direct to periodically to get an update on their progress. For a short term loan then getting the direct to give you a summary of what they did and a short (could be a couple of sentences) report (verbal or email) from the manager on how they did at the end of the loan may suffice. You'd have to play it by ear to find what frequency works in your environment. If practical you should continue O3s during the loan, even if it's just a 30 minute phone call at the beginning or end of the working day.