I was googling, and found this article referencing Manager Tools:

[i]"Manager Tools (, a successful business podcast, was selected as the winner of the 2006 Podcast Award in the Business Category. Manager Tools conducted live podcasts from the Switchpod booth at the Expo."[/i]

What are they talking about? I don't recall seeing a "live" M-T podcast... Mike? Mark?


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We did not, and have no plans to either.

Mike was interviewed by - I think - several other podcasts, and I am guessing that is what they were referring to.


PS: The value of a live cast escapes me. Just because there's a radio/broadcasting model that informs podcasting, radio by definition is live, so a live radio broadcast makes a certain sense... particularly from an entertainment or news (both of which either rely on or leverage immediacy). But podcasts are inherently time-shifted. It seems ... weird ... to me. But that's just me.