greetings all,

im a helpdesk manager for a nationwide retailer based in maryland. i still havent finished listening to all the backdated podcasts (im in mid 06 now), even putting in time on the weekends and through all of my commute.

ive only started to implement some of the tools described, but even just listening to the DISC overview and behavior profile overviews has given me some great insight into why i dont^wdidnt connect with everyone on my team as well as i could have. ive basically been left on my own as far as professional development goes, so to find something so well done and comprehensive is fantastic.

many thanks to Mark and Michael for being so generous as to share their ideas with everyone else.

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Thanks for the kind words and glad you're getting value from our work and our community.

More to come! No complaining about the "I've worked my way through all the casts and now I only get 5 casts a month" syndrome... :wink: